Human Venture Leadership Program (formerly known as Leadership Calgary)

Our workshops and intensives are designed to develop the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to meet the unprecedented level of critical, systemically linked, local to global 21st century challenges.

For the last 17 years, we’ve delivered a 9-month program to equip participants to navigate and support others on the frontiers of human and social development. In 2016/ 2017 our format will change, but the premise remains the same: that as individuals, leaders, organizations and societies, and even as humanity, we are all works in progress, not finished products. To progress well we need a deep understanding of what progress is, what it is not, and how easy it is to be mistaken. To get there requires a deep caring and commitment to humanity’s future as well as one’s own.

Climate change, resource depletion, human rights abuses, global inequities, population growth, violence: these types of problems are messy, interrelated, and systemic in nature – and they do not observe municipal boundaries. We need people whose thinking and caring transcend the city limits. We need people who can “see what needs to be done, and do it effectively without being told what to do”. We call this Human Venture Leadership.

Through our workshops and intensives, you will begin a life-long learning process that leads to the following outcomes:

  • learn from history and current events
  • identify errors and ignorance in our collective thinking, caring, and action.
  • understand system and causal dynamics
  • develop more adaptive models and metrics
  • summon the moral courage to challenge the status quo
  • strengthen the community’s capacity to avoid progress traps that can lead to catastrophic breakdown and collaps

Past participants include members of the not-for-profit, corporate, government, academic and other sectors. We have over 800 alumni in Edmonton and in Calgary.